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The main ingredients in our powder-based solutions are natural sugars. It is therefore possible that our powder solutions will have an uneven texture, despite sieving and adding flavours and electrolytes. This will disappear when you mix the powder with water (see below).

Our powder solutions must be mixed with water. For optimal results, first mix one scoop (included in your bag) with half of the required water, and shake vigorously for a few seconds.  Then fill your bottle with the rest of the required water.

Our solutions are engineered to provide you with the optimal amount of energy and minerals necessary during physical activities lasting 60 minutes or more, or shorter, intense activities. However even activities that are shorter or less intense may benefit from our solutions on hot and humid days to reach your objectives. In these situations, consider reducing the amount of powder you mix with 500ml of water.  This will support you in your activity without unneeded calories.